Orlean’s Vet Hospital video transcript:

My name is Kurt Streib, I’m a veterinarian and partner at The Orleans Veterinary Hospital. We were in the previous building and in this location for 25 years. It was a renovated, former private home built in the 70s. Our business was expanding. We needed to create some more functional space that reflected the quality of medicine that we were providing and unfortunately our old facility, we just outgrew it. 

What I think we enjoyed most about working with DCA was the fact that we had very open lines of communication right from day one. We were very comfortable to ask questions and approach with anything that we didn’t understand or or needed clarification on. So I would say that that ease of communication was a big part of it because, again, we were working full-time and more: lunch hours after hours before hours, and communication was always well received. 

The construction process was challenging like all construction processes but DCA and Toon specifically in that time, he was our representative in all aspects of the construction process and he represented well. I remember many times where I was quite impressed that Toon would not hold back when he felt that our interests were not being met. He was very dedicated from day one to ensure that the plan that we put together on paper became the building that we moved into. Early in the process I was attending a hospital design conference, out of the country actually, put on by architects from all over the world that specialized in veterinary hospitals. I mentioned this to Toon and he said, “I’m coming with you”. I was pleasantly surprised. We spent five days at a conference sitting in lecture, hearing from some of the greatest design people in the field and, more importantly, learning all the latest information. And he sat there like a student, like myself, and took it all in, and everything we took out of that conference that was the latest and affordable and practical, he incorporated into our hospital, and I was completely blown away that he would travel with me and become the student. I thought it was a humble move, a professional move, and it just sealed the deal for me that we were working with the right company.