Projects include churches, schools and government facilities. Projects are often developed through stakeholder interviews and a detailed understanding of the project needs to ensure the best value for the end users. We recognize and respect that this can include projects where members of a community have fund-raised specific amounts for the project over the course of many years; the building can represent the hard work of the community. School and governmental projects rely on a longer term vision and development with an eye towards buildings that last for generations. Research and academic projects (including laboratories) that are designed for flexibility and change-of-process is an inherent requirement to allow the building design to adapt to the pace of change in the academic and research sectors. We understand that in many projects of this type, there is a desire for design excellence, but there is concern about creating an image of wastefulness. This is especially true when limited public funding is available. In these projects, we work hard to maximize the value of the investment, relying on a few key strategic moves to demonstrate high quality design while working diligently to ensure solid documentation provides evidence of long term value for publicly funded infrastructure.