Industrial projects are often designed for specific-use industrial processes. The architecture of the space becomes critical to be able to support the function of the industrial process and meet the client’s objectives for spatial and aesthetic concerns. We work in close collaboration with the key stakeholders to understand the program requirements and deliver on-time solutions. Industrial projects are also often set in a difficult environment where maintenance is not easy. Understanding durability and the investment made in processes and equipment, and the necessity of a high quality built form is important. Similarly, laboratory, research and development projects often require a careful programming stage to understand the scientific processes behind the facility. Having a thorough understanding of the needs of the science sector, and creating spaces for scientists to innovate, collaborate and develop, results in flexible spaces that meet the needs of todays scientific community. We strive to understand the scientific process and work with a range of stakeholders in programming and functional analysis. As these kinds of projects have significant mechanical, electrical and process engineering components, we work closely with specialized teams to ensure a detailed understanding of services to support research activities.