We are firm believers in design excellence.

We want to design buildings that our clients, our city, and our team can be proud of. Our goal is that our designs meet our client’s goals, contribute positively to the urban environment, and stand the test of time.

We believe in building trust between our team and our clients. We will always assign a single point of contact so that our clients know exactly who they can turn to, to get things done. A fundamental part of our management philosophy is that communication is a key to any project. Our strategy helps instructions and documents to flow through, to and from, the project team members and clear communication is often the cornerstone to keeping the project on budget.

Meeting in the office.

Our philosophy on execution is based on the “Plan, Do, Check, Act” cycle encouraged by the Quality Management processes. This means that we will document all project actions. For some clients that means detailed reports and tracking are necessary; not all clients want that level of administration so our system is flexible enough to be able to work with exactly the kind of reporting our clients need, on their project. We believe in building a relationship of listening and trust so that our systems provide the documents needed through the natural progress of a project, and is adaptable to the specific needs of each project.

We are certified under the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System. Since 2010, this standard has formed part of our corporate culture. Adopting this standard helps us provide road maps for all projects. Quality Control and Quality Assurance are relevant to the design process. Our quality manual documents office procedures and is a key tool in measuring success.

In short, we believe if we listen to our clients, plan well, communicate effectively, and work as a team, we will produce excellent work.