History of Architecture and evolution of Architectural Firms

1976-1989: Marcus Berns Architect and Inc. (1986)
Marcus Berns left the Montreal firm of Mayers, Girvan, Wellen and Berns, where he was a principal and started as a sole practitioner in Ottawa in 1976. Marcus also did work as The Berns-Jooste Partnership with Johan K. Joost.
1989-1999: Berns Farrow Architects Inc.
James (Jim) Farrow becomes a principal in the new firm. He is Vice-President, Marcus Berns remains President.
1999-2012: Farrow Architects Inc.
Deborah (Debbie) Levine Farrow becomes a principal in the new firm. Marcus Berns leaves the firm, moves to Toronto and becomes a sculptor. Deborah is Vice-President, James becomes President of the new firm.
2012-2015: Farrow Dreessen Architect Inc.
Toon Dreessen merges his firm with Farrow Architects to create a new firm. James remains President, Toon and Deborah are Vice-Presidents. All three are principals in the new firm.
2005-2012: Dreessen Architect (& inc.)
Toon Dreessen starts Dreessen Architects and builds the practice's reputation with innovative infill, institutional, high-tech, and residential projects.
2015: Farrow Dreessen Architect Inc.
Toon Dreessen becomes president and sole principal of the firm.
2016: Dreessen Cardinal Architects Inc
Building on decades of experience and a spirit of innovation and collaboration, Evelyne Cardinal, Steve Lajeunesse, and Derek Ruddy join firm President Toon Dreessen as Partners in Dreessen Cardinal Architects Inc